• Cooking the good stuff

    Cooking the good stuff


    2 Ogunlesi, Ilupeju onipan

  • Creativity Personified

    Creativity Personified

  • Creating the good stuff

    Creating the good stuff

  • The best customer service experience

    The best customer service experience


  • Beautiful Table Settings

    Beautiful Table Settings

  • Serving the good stuff

    Serving the good stuff

    We are good at it

Special Offers

Every week our chefs create fresh and tasty specials.

Specialized serving method

Specialized serving method


We have a unique way we serve our dishes.




You will always come asking for more after tasting our spicy chicken

We listen and we act

We listen and we act


We listen and we act towards delivering better services.




Not just delicious but also nutritious

At Malas Foods

Our settings are one of a kind

The round golden table

The round golden table



Vertical Standard

Vertical Standard

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We don't just cook, we create memorable events.

Book for an event

Book for an event online.

Opening Hours

Mon-Fri 247/365
Sat-Sun 247/365pm

About Us

Malas Foods has been providing professional catering services for over 20 years now. And today Malas Foods is One of the best catering company in Africa..

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